stark bollock naked
(play, 2019)
Written in English

Published by Black Fountain Press, Luxembourg, as part of HIGH FIVE!

A modern-day chick flick but with a real body, honest conversation and a side of poached eggs.

Once the tick tick tock of the biological clock suddenly kicked into gear, it would. not. stop. A pregnancy, a choice and then starting all over again. stark bollock naked is a gently comic performance about a 30-something woman grappling with society’s expectations and breaking eggs. Through video mapping, the show playfully explores what it is to have other images of women literally projected onto you, and then being your own body again, naked. Live-scored using gynecological instruments, stark bollock naked is a tragi- comedy about reclaiming the body and what to do with it all.

stark bollock naked opened at Camden People’s Theatre, London, in July 2021 and will transfer to Neimënster, Luxembourg, in March 2022.

“Urgent and restless”
Janine Goedert, d’Lëtzebuerger Land

Coproduced by Neimënster. Supported by Camden People’s Theatre. In partnership with CID Fraen an Gender.
With the support of Oeuvre Nationale de Secours GD Charlotte, Fondation Indépendance and FOCUNA.

text & concept: Larisa Faber
video mapping: Louise Rhoades-Brown
music & sound: Catherine Kontz
costume & prop design: Mélanie Planchard
choreography: Hannah Ma
artistic collaborator: Anne Simon
social media: Maida Halilovic

with: Larisa Faber & Catherine Kontz


project photo © Jeanine Unsen