stark bollock naked
(multimedia comedy, 2019-23)

BEST NEW SHOW Luxembourg Theatre Awards | VAULT Festival Artists’ Choice Award nominee | Luxembourgish selection at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023

This is a very personal show about the pressure to conceive and abortion stigma. It’s a show about what you feel is expected of you biologically and socially. If you have a uterus, must you use it? Are you selfish bitch if you don’t? It’s a show about how the objectification of the female body can distort your sense of self. And it’s a show about the brain and its (limited) power.

stark bollock naked cheekily subverts those expectations by reclaiming the body: tied up in full frontal nudity and used as a projection space for video mapping, accompanied by a live-score of gynaecological instruments, this multimedia tragicomedy unpacks the pressure of the biological clock, (ageing) ovaries and what to do with them. Featuring a musical number peppered with egg recipes sung by the two brain hemispheres. Can women today have it all or is it game ovaries? Download tour pack here.

4 STARS “This is not simply a compelling piece of stage technology: Faber’s ideas are delivered with an almost forensic logic coupled with weird but winning humour. The artist takes dramatic issues such as abortion, body image and mental health, then diffuses them with madcap costumes.”

4 STARS “In absence of physical movement, it takes an outstanding actor to hold the attention of the audience, and Faber’s compelling performance makes the hour fly.”
everything theatre, U.K.

“Her use of gynaecological instruments to compose the live score is brilliant: after all, is there anything as stressful as the sharp, cold and metallic sounds of a visit at the gynaecologist? It’s funny, it’s smart, it’s complex, it’s relatable.”
DELANO Magazine, Luxembourg

“Faber tells a very personal story at lightning speed with incredible honesty. A funny yet serious look at the pressures of the biological clock. […] Perfect comic timing.”
Luxembourg Times

Part of Lyn Gardner’s VAULT Festival Week 5 Picks


writer/director Larisa Faber video designer Louise Rhoades-Brown
composer Catherine Kontz designer Mélanie Planchard
choreographer Hannah Ma artistic collaborator Anne Simon
content creator Maida Halilović (2022), Valeriia Voshchevska (2023)
stage manager Max Stoltz production manager Martyna Zukaitė
PR Chloé Nelkin Consulting (Edinburgh Fringe 2023) with: Larisa Faber and Catherine Kontz (original cast), Eugénie Pastor/Shamira Turner (2023 cast)



photos© Jeannine Unsen