stark bollock naked
(monologue, 2019)
Written in English

Published by Black Fountain Press, Luxembourg, as part of HIGH FIVE!

“Did you know that women only have a limited amount of eggs?”

Once the tick tick tock of the biological clock kicked into gear, it would. not. stop. A 30-something woman tries to grapple with her biological clock and society’s expectations, encountering surprising experiences along the way: abortion, putting herself back together again, why we bother with motherhood and why we don’t just let our eggs wither away. Peppered with recurring gynecological visits, stark bollock naked is a tragi-comedy about reclaiming the body and what to do with it all.

A work-in-progress showing of stark bollock naked was selected as part of BIG BANG at the Camden People’s Theatre, London (30 Sept 2019).

“This is the kind of theatre that should be happening right now (…)”
audience feedback
30 Sept 2019


project photo © Jeanine Unsen