HAUS BLANN MARIECHEN (as part of Plan(g) B)
(multimedia performance, 2013)

“Poetic storytelling”
Lore Bacon, d’Land (21.06.2013)

In 2013, Luxembourgish artists collective MASKéNADA commissioned its members to devise a promenade performance through Bonnevoie, an area of Luxembourg City that used to be working class and has undergone major changes in the last decade. That production, Plan(g) B, regrouped 4 stops, devised by 4 different artists. HAUS BLANN MARIECHEN was the second stop on the promenade, set in an abandoned warehouse. Mixing fact and fiction, the multimedia performance tells the story of blann Mariechen (blind Marie), a local girl who lost her family and her sight during WWI bombings.

“Un plongeon dans le temps qui fait bon ménage avec la narration poético-artistique”
“A jump back in time working well with the poetic storytelling”
Lore Bacon, d’Land (21.06.2013)

MASKéNADA, Ministère de la Culture

text, staging & installation Larisa Faber video design Misch Feinen
with Luisa Bevilacqua, Alexandra Bentz, Misch Feinen, Larisa Faber & Gianfranco Celestino



project photo © Jeanine Unsen