(play, 2018)
Written in English

“Any questions?” – The Manager

On an ordinary Easter Sunday, during the night shift in a retirement home for dementia
patients, a seemingly innocent joke takes a violent turn, unraveling carefully constructed
power dynamics. A microcosm implodes. Jumping back and forth through time, the
play tries to reconstruct the events of that night. The nursing home employees are
grasping at shreds of meaning to make some sort of sense of what happened,
management is trying to contain the situation, while the daughter of one of the
patients is fighting for answers.
Inspired by real events.

DISKO DEMENTIA was produced by artists collective MASKéNADA in October
2018, in a Luxembourgish translation by Anne-Marie Reuter, to critical acclaim.


“Ein mutiges und eindringliches Stück”
(“A courageous and powerful play”)
Simone Molitor, Lëtzebuerger Journal (23.10.2018)

“DISKO DEMENTIA polarisiert und rüttelt auf. (…)
Dies auch dank eines sehr starken Textes und des facettenreiches Schauspiel der Akteure.”
(“DISKO DEMENTIA polarises and stirs. (…)
Thanks to a very strong text and multilayered performances.”)
Anina Valle Thiele, d’Land (26.10.2018)

RTL video broadcast by arts journalist Patricia Baum

project  photo © Larisa Faber // poster photo © Lynn Theisen